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Richco is an industry leader in civil construction services throughout the Lower Mainland.

About Richco

Richco Contracting Ltd. was born and raised in the Lower Mainland. Through our 30 years of experience, we have curated knowledge for the area while developing relationships with municipalities, engineers, inspectors, and other contractors. Working out of our head office located in Aldergrove, British Columbia, we have multiple crews to execute works & fulfil contracts throughout Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. We remain at the leading edge of the industry and set ourselves apart with our synergy of distinguished personnel, experienced operators, specialized equipment, and our universal goal of on-budget and on-time job completion.

Along with providing top quality construction services, we are passionate about our local communities. Not only do we aim to contribute to the sound and sustainable development of civil works throughout the Lower Mainland, we are also working on our social responsibilities through financial donations and employee volunteer days, as well as always being conscious of the environmental footprint of our practices.

We are always looking towards the future by pursuing opportunities to utilize our expertise, experience, and generous fleet of equipment.



Safety First

We put safety first. Our workers are properly instructed in the safe performance of their duties & are provided with Safe Work Practices appropriate to their specific worksite.


We have an in-house Construction Safety Coordinator whose duties include internally auditing policies & procedures to ensure they conform or exceed regulations.


We are a WorkSafeBC insured business and are currently working towards Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR certification).

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Sustainability & Environmental Awareness

Richco keeps environmental awareness and responsibility in mind while completing works. In conjunction with field operations, management develops and keeps a current inventory of all known and potential environmental hazards relevant to our work. This information is effectively integrated throughout the company and all of its construction projects to ensure awareness and proper adherence to standards of practice.

Reclamation works are part of each project. Richco aims to restore project sites to their original condition as to let environmental process continue as naturally as possible, and where possible, improve conditions. We often promote additional habitat for local species by improving drainage, bank stabilization, and diversions while performing and completing instream works.

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25349 60th Avenue, Aldergrove BC V4W 1G9

25349 60th Avenue,
Aldergrove BC V4W 1G9