Ladders     -     WCB 13.4 to 13.6

13.4 Manufactured ladders

A manufactured portable ladder must be marked for the grade of material used to construct the ladder and the use for which the ladder is constructed.

*** Job-made ladders must be constructed according to ANSI A14.4

13.5 Position and stability

1. A portable ladder must

   (a) be placed on a firm and level surface, and

   (b) be of sufficient length to enable the safe performance of the work activity while being used.


2. A portable non-self-supporting ladder must,


   (a) as shown in Figure 13-1, be positioned (Figure 13.1) so that the ladder is leaning against the vertical plane          of support at an approximate angle of 75° when measured from the horizontal plane of support,


   (b) if the ladder provides access to or egress from an upper landing,

        (i) project 1 m (3 ft) above the upper landing (Figure 13.2), and

       (ii) be sufficiently secured in place to ensure the stability of the ladder during access to or egress from                    the upper landing, and


   (c) if the ladder is not already secured in accordance with paragraph (b)(ii), be sufficiently secured in place           to ensure the stability of the ladder during use if conditions exist that are likely to cause the ladder to be         unstable.

                                                                                        Figure 13.2


      Figure 13.1

13.6 Use restrictions

   (1) If work cannot be done from a ladder without hazard to a worker, a work platform must be provided.


   (2) A worker must not carry up or down a ladder, heavy or bulky objects or any other objects which may              make ascent or descent unsafe.

   (3) Always use 3 points of contact when going up or down a ladder

   (4) Never use the top rug  of any ladders as a standing platform


   (5) Only non-conductive ladders are to be used around electrical lines

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