Impairment Policy


Richco Contracting Ltd., its management team, and all staff, have responsibilities to ensure the health and safety of the workplace under the Worker’s Compensation Act of BC:

   • Employers and supervisors cannot allow a person reported or observed to be impaired by alcohol, a drug, or

     other substance to be at work.
• Employees must not be impaired by alcohol, drugs or other causes at work, and must inform their supervisor

     if they or someone else may be impaired at work.
   • Richco expects their employees to model professional and appropriate behaviour at all times while at work

     and outside of work hours while operating company vehicles.


All employees, subcontractors, and visitors to Richco Contracting Ltd. jobsites are subject to the following:

   • Any worker deemed unfit to perform their assigned duties safely, as a reason of influence of drugs or alcohol,

     will be subject to disciplinary action or dismissal.
   • Any worker deemed unfit to perform their assigned duties safely, as a reason of influence of medication, may

     be subject to reassignment to a less hazardous job. Any worker under the influence of medication that may

     affect their ability to perform their duties safely may request reassignment to a less hazardous job.
   • Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages and any form of cannabis on Richco worksites is forbidden

     and will result in disciplinary action or dismissal.

   *Note: As a substance, cannabis includes any products containing cannabis oil, shatter, smokable, vaporized, eatables,               patches, drinkable and is not limited to any current or future product on the market containing


   • Consumption or possession of illegal drugs on Richco worksites is forbidden and will result in disciplinary

      action or dismissal.
   • All employees must obey Federal and Provincial legislations, The Motor Vehicle Act and Worker’s 

     Compensation Act regarding substance usage, at all times while on duty.
   • Referral to the Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan can be arranged through your employer, or                    Association.



For the safety of employees, subcontractors, visitors, and members of the public, Richco Contracting Ltd., as it stands, will not tolerate any workers to be under the influence while at work. Employees have a duty to be fit for work and are responsible to inform Richco Contracting Ltd. directly if there is some impairment associated with the use of any prescribed medications. A prescribed treatment may or may not cause impairment; if a Richco employee has a medical prescription that may cause impairment, he/she must report the usage of prescribed medication prior to commencing work. Richco will consider possible accommodations to such employees
on a case-by-case basis but does not hold the obligation to accommodate the worker’s request.


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