Grinding & Cutting

Cutting & Grinding     -     WCB 12.44 to 12.49

1. An abrasive wheel must be guarded, un-altered and maintained at all time. 


2. Dust from a cutting, grinding or buffing operation must be controlled to prevent a hazard to any worker        at all time. If the dust cannot be controlled by mechanical or engineered means, a mask and filters must        be used by all workers involved in the same task or affected by the hazard.


3. The side of an abrasive wheel must not be used for grinding and non-ferrous materials must not be                ground unless the wheel is designed for such use. 

4. The front tip of a disc can be used for the beveling of material.

5. Eyes and Ears Protection, Face Shield,  Gloves and helmet must be worn at all time when grinding,                  cutting and beveling. 


6. Grinding  & Cutting equipment must not be running under any condition while unattended. Electrical          tools must be disconnected when unattended.

7. Electrical powered grinding & cutting tools must have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) in place     when operated in the rain or in wet conditions and, disconnected while not in used.


8. Any grinding & cutting tools must not be used and be locked out when becoming unsafe, damaged and       altered.

***The manufacturer recommendations for; STIHL, U.S. Saws, Norton and Gemini's blades, disks and saws, prohibits the side grinding of materials with all cutting disks under any circumstances.


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